The Burnout.

by Aditya Tyagi

You are on fire and you don’t know it

The thing with burnouts is that you might be going through one but you do not realize it. There are two reasons for that:

  1. You are in denial mode. You just don’t want to address the most pressing thing which is your “health” while forcing yourself to focus on work. I have been there and that is why I believe that “forcing” is the apt word here. Somewhere deep down you know you are working less efficiently (on a daily basis) but still you console yourself with sugar-coated lies like you are tired because you slept late the night before. Believe me, it is much more than that!
  2. You are delusional about you to have unlimited time. You procrastinate taking care of your health. Apparently developing and shipping that one feature request for an offshore client is more important than a healthy spine. You are finding it difficult to focus on the computer screen but still, you calm yourself these bloated motivational quotes about the hustle and no pain no gain.
  1. The Burnout is real. Coding -> Coffee -> Coding -> Meetings -> Coffee -> Coding is shit. This is a pressing issue and one that needs to be talked about. This was something that has been going through my mind and soul from quite some time and it became evident that this has to be out here when I saw one of my colleagues collapse in the middle of work-day.
  2. This is my personal blog so…….you get the gist! ;)



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