How to improve as a software developer by Aditya Tyagi
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How to be better at your software development job — A Guide

I have been working as a software engineer for the last 2 years now. I was lucky enough to land a job in an MNC (Multinational corporation) early on and currently working as a Frontend Engineer in my third job and second startup. During these years, I have been exposed to working on client-sites, in teams of all sizes (3–20 people), and various environments like in-office as well as remote!

Being Pro-Active

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Over Communication

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  1. You know how to frame a message that compliments that clarity of thought

Clean Code

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    There are lover letters/snippets to your future self as well as the next developer working on your module
  2. Missing semi-colons
    This is just a noob mistake!
  3. Use TODO
    Leave hints/tips and breadcrumbs for yourself and the fellow developer working after you. Complete the TODO before raising the PR.
  4. Debugging messages
    Check for all the console.log() messages before submitting your code. And if you are lazy (like me), click here to learn how to remove all console.log() messages in one-go! Also, remove all debuggers as well!


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Be Organized — Google Sheets

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Work-From-Home (WFH) checklist

This helps me to make sure I do everything when I start my day and when I end my day. Get the WFH checklist

Sprint Tracker

If you have worked in a product based company and JIRA, the term Sprint will not be alien to you. But for others, a Sprint is a development cycle adhering to a fixed time period, post which the team has a feature implemented. Details here.

Important R&D Links

Now, this is “My Thing”. Some of you will definitively think this is just STUPID. But to be honest with you, this has helped me leaps and bounds and have increased my development speed. One thing that I am sure of is that the problem I solved after 3 hours and if that problem comes again, I don’t want to again go through the agony of finding that 1 StackOverflow answer or that 1 Medium article.

Burn Out

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In Conclusion…

I’ll be updating this article as I progress with my career as a software developer because improving at your skill and productivity is a continuous process!

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