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Everyday GIT by Aditya Tyagi

Not another git cheatsheet you say?? There are a ton of git cheatsheets already there are it is highly unlikely that i’ll ever refer to a cheat sheet when I can just google that sh** in 5 min and go through 5 Stack Overflow answers. Copy-paste random things until something…

How I lost Rs. 2,50,000 ($3,291) due to inadequate money-knowledge

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I am a 25-year-old software developer. I started my career 3 years back with a decent salary, but not decent enough. The taxes that I had to pay on my salary were negligible, so I never took a keen interest in the taxation process and how my money is being…


If I had to sum up my experience of going through COVID-19, it will be “Heartbreaking”.

Few months back, when we (India) survived the first wave of COVID-19 (atleast that’s what we thought), and then became the first country to produce COVID-19 vaccines, everything started coming back to normal…

Aditya Tyagi

Programmer and a voracious reader who writes about web development and personal finance | adityatyagi.com

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