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I am a 25-year-old software developer. I started my career 3 years back with a decent salary, but not decent enough. The taxes that I had to pay on my salary were negligible, so I never took a keen interest in the taxation process and how my money is being…


If I had to sum up my experience of going through COVID-19, it will be “Heartbreaking”.

Few months back, when we (India) survived the first wave of COVID-19 (atleast that’s what we thought), and then became the first country to produce COVID-19 vaccines, everything started coming back to normal…

Its 7 P.M on a Friday and you are excited about the weekend! You are wrapping your work. Making those last commits and pushing your piece of code for the week. Making sure all your timesheets are completed and all the necessary emails have been fired to your co-workers. Reminiscing…

Aditya Tyagi

Programmer and a voracious reader who writes about web development and personal finance |

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